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Concrete Coring

Targeted coring

We do precise targeted/surveyed coring for projects that are engineeringly complex and require precision to meet exact measurements and requirements

clean coring

We do clean coring for projects that cannot virtually allow any mess or dust on site due to the nature of the environment or being an occupied place.


Fast and cost efficient solution for client's that would like the job done with minimum requirements while on time and on budget

Line coring

Ideal for clients who need to cut opening through deep concrete or hard to access places within their project

The Concrete Coring Pros 


If you are looking for core drilling companies near you, Concore Scanning and Coring provides core drilling services in lower mainland and across BC. With over12 years of experience, you can trust our professional core drillers with your residential, commercial or industrial concrete coring projects. 

In the world of construction, concrete core drilling is an essential service. Drilling core holes is required for everything from building sewer systems to running telephone lines to structural testing. Coring is used in common residential and commercial applications for installation of HVAC systems, drainage, electrical and more. 

Core drilling is necessary whenever a hole is required - whether that is on a floor, celling, door, foundation, or even a manhole in the street. 

What is Concrete Coring? 


Concrete coring is the process of drilling perfectly round holes through hard structures such as concrete walls. It is the go-to concrete drilling technique when a precise circular penetration is needed. 

With coring, holes up to 60" in diameter can be drilled to virtually any depth. It can be done in slabs and walls, on any angle. Vertical, horizontal, and even upside down! Electric or hydraulic drilling rigs can be used for drilling in sensitive locations or confined spaces. 

What are the Advantages of Diamond Core Drilling? 


Diamond core drilling, named after its diamond bit, is an efficient and accurate method of drilling a wide variety of hard materials—including, but not limited to, asphalt, masonry, and steel—without vibration. No vibration ensures that nearby structures are not damaged in the coring and drilling process. This dust-free, noise-free system makes diamond core drilling the technique of choice for environmentally conscious concrete contractors.


Diamond Stich Drilling 


Stitch drilling is a common technique used to make non-standard shaped and sized holes, when standard cutting equipment is not suited for the job. This technique is performed by coring a series of overlapping holes, allowing for one large segment to be removed. Stitch drilling is often the answer when dealing with relatively thick slabs or walls, or when the structural integrity of the purposed opening cannot be compromised. 

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