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Concrete Scanning

We can detect and map anything embedded within concrete

GPR Scanning​

At Concore we provide non-destructive concrete scanning services which allows you to save time and money by eliminating risk of damaging important objects within concrete during cutting, coring or demolition process.​

​Scan To
  • Locates buried obstructions such as rebar, tension cables, conduits, voids, or pipes in concrete before cutting or core drilling

  • Measures the thickness of your concrete

  • Creates a detailed, three-dimensional image that makes job planning a snap

  • Performs concrete testing through a depth of up to 24 inches, and only requires access to one side of the structure

  • Is faster and safer than radiography (X Rays), which uses radiation for concrete scanning

  • Ensures there are no site hazards or need to close off work areas, as with radiography (X-Ray)

See the Scanning Results and Report

The information resulting from our scans can be reported in a format ranging from simply marking the location of obstructions and optimum cutting/coring location on the slab to one page reports to full reporting with AutoCAD. Concore reports are in compliance with engineers and geoscientists requirements.

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